Friday, April 16, 2010

hey all!

hmmm..the blog is alive again ~ with more updates (i hope) hehe... Welcome back readers =) If you are still reading me...kekeke....Lemme do a brief updates on what happened after my last update!

Short recap for the passed 12months :-

June-Nov 09'-
before delivery is all about check-ups, browsing for warehouse sales

Nov 09'-
-admitted to hospital for 5D4N and end up delivering Travin via emergency C-Sec + epidural. My OB&G Dr Wong Sum Keong, the anesthetic & the nurses did a very good. They knew I was sad that I can't deliver Travin naturally and explained things to me in details. Calvin was busy & nervous in the ward. He was there to urmm.. see the baby out lah! Busy recording Travin while Dr. Wong cleaned me.

Nov 09' - Jan 10'
-my maternity leaves began and confinement food was all about ginger 20kg of them!
-still look like a giant elephant after given birth. HE HE HE

Dec 09' - Jan 10'
-we are blessed to have Travin with us during our birthdays
-felt phobia when i return to the hospital for my post-natal check-up
-back to work, missing Travin every single minute. But I go back to my parent's to see him everyday. Yeah, I only babysit him over the weekend.

Feb 10'
- My CNY was ruined due to some unexpected nonsense.
- No V'day this year

March 10'
- is all about time with Travin. I gotta admit he's a fast learner and a lil cheeky baby.

I realised baby really grow fast. He looked different as the months pass by. I'll never forget the moments of having him in my tummy (the kicking, the burping) and the intimate moment we had in the hospital.

more to come.....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Week 12 check up

Yippeee.... we are towards the end of 1st trimester. 1 thing which is not yippeee to me is feeling nausea + vomiting; not liking that feeling at all man.. Doctor told me it should stop in another 2weeks. I pray that it stop immediately~ cause its affecting my apetite :( Doctor said can eat many meals but in small portion. hmmm.. my Mc'd burger divide to 4? hahaha..

Anyway; yesterday check up was fun. Doctor wasn't there when I reached the clinic, so the nurse took urine test, weight (82kg now) and pressure. I've changed doctor and he is a very detail/caring person. After chatting with him for a while then he did the ultrasound for me. It was amazing to see our baby has grown so much. Mangkee not inside cause he was late to the clinic..teehee.. Baby is now 6.1cm about 2.x inches and is quite active I can say. Was moving around when doctor tried to scan and I was able to hear the heartbeat. hehe..Like horse galloping... Oooo yaa... I saw baby's tiny hands and legs too..sooo sooo cute.. I only can see baby thru ultrasound now..hehe normal day rub rub tummy lor..Sayang sayang mah.. Doctor said everything is normal. Phewww... and thank God the cyst is gone. Yeah, it was spotted during my 1st week.. Nope, cannot see gender yet. Maybe in another 1-2months time. Was given calsium and obimin tablets, will last me till 10/6/09...which is the next check up... :D

Friday, May 08, 2009

Great saving job done by wonderful people

I've came to know about the poor dogs story in Pulau Ketam from Obnoxious 5xmom's blog and been reading the updates from TV Smith's blog.

Great job done by the rescue team and I pray that they will manage to save more dogs.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2nd check up~ counting down to the end of 1st trimester

Time really flies... We are almost at the end of 1st trimester... :D so far everything is smooth smooth & good good..only that I don't feel like taking rice..Mangkee is on standby mode even when he goes out cause I'll sms him for food. Err yeah.. I eat 4 meals/day hehe depends on my 3rd meal if too light then supper lor... my supper includes nasi lemak from Pudu, burger ayam from Klang (super yummy!), bread, roti....

My morning sickness is consider OK I guess. I vomitted once, I felt nausea mostly after lunch, sleepy, body ache, bloated, burping, my hands feel numb due to many hours playing DS.. haha! Yeah; the only thing I read is blogs, forums, online paper. See mana ada warehouse sales.. !! Need to align our budget mah..teehee! Oh yaya.. we've been to Pureen warehouse sales 2 weeks ago.. It was crazeeeeeEeeee.. It was my 1st time to warehouse sales. I told Mangkee aiyah don't need "kan cheong" leave the house by 930am .. Mana tau, we saw many cars parking by the road side way before the warehouse. *sweat* Things are very cheap.. we went to the clothing section 1st..grab some stuff then went to nappy sections.. Mangkee found a place to stand then I did the grabbing. Lucky we met a friendly staff who agrees to keep an eye on our things while we go for lunch. Then came back sit a while.. think what else to grab.. what wor.. I managed to grab a baby pants for RM1 ok :p... Ok lah.. we finally made it to the cashier , paid and ciowzz.. My opinion is if you're thinking to go to baby warehouse sales go early and also maybe before your tummy gets bigger. Susah mau jalan and the crowd aiyoyo....

Our 2nd check up was last week. This time I went alone. It's just ultrasound to see baby's heartbeat and size also consultation from the doctor.. 3 weeks more before the next check up~ Have a nice & long weekend will ya~ :D

Monday, April 06, 2009

I am lazy...

*why the f*** are there so many baby roaches on my desk today*

Its been 2 months since I last updated the blog. This is all due to laziness; cannot cure liao ...hehe Redbabe cakap punya. psst Hcfoo: not because after kahwin no update lah.. even my life is a bit boring earlier.. hahahaah... So this page ah..only talk no picture lah..all my pictures are in the external hdd and I left it at home.

I've been to a few foodie-goodies places in Feb-March. Especially during Valentines day; we booked a room at Shang @ Putrajaya. They came out with V'day package, awesome deal and room was absolutely fabuloso.. Apart from the quiet and peacful environment ; Mangkee "pokai (fell down)" in the fabuloso toilet. How did that happened? Aiyah; Mangkee hyper active-lah; likes to play water so he slipped on the wet floor lah. The hotel staff was execelent; they came to our aid immediately after we buzz them for 1st aid kit. Then next day; reception staff said "oooh sir, it was you ah"... oh btw; the hotel food was errr Ok only. I still prefer Midori.

Apart from working - going home to catch some dvds then sleep; Yiippy yiippy! we will be expecting Travin Jr. in November. hehehe... Yeap yeap; we are now 7weeks preggers. I was an eating machine weeks ago. But not sure why the apetite has gone slow since last week. Maybe some other pregnancy sign will be coming next. Went for the 2nd check up last week and we saw + heard our baby's heartbeat. Very happy and exciting!!! :D Ok lah; I admit eating is eating; Mangkee also said I emo queen now. Like to pick up fight.. hahaha..cannot blame me mah right? Aiyah; even emo I still groom my dogs and clean my room lah.. But he is lucky lor; my 1st food craving was TOSAI-cheap cheap good good. hehe...tell you later what am craving for ya. Do share your pregnancy experience with me ya...