Friday, May 16, 2008

Breakfast at Sea Park

Mangkee was having good mood last weekend. So, he took me to Sea Park for breakfast. Senapang been asking me to review about Restaurant Soo Kee months ago.

So here it is.. Let me introduce you to the best ever Ipoh Hor Fun. Don't need to drive all the way to Ipoh now. hehe... This is my 4th visit here. It's packed during the weekend; not sure how's the crowd on weekdays.

my foodie goodie rate: 10/10
See the yummy noodles?
Mangkee had Ipoh Hor Fun with shredded chicken; mine was with prawn wantan.

Boiled Chrysanthemum tea

The soup is sweet. By sweet I mean they boil the soup with pork bones and prawn "skeleton". Thats what my mom told me lah if want to have tasty soup... Mangkee is a walking MSG tester. HE will gulp a lot of water if the food has heavy MSG. He didn't ask for more water; so I guess its -MSG. You should try their chicken too. Its good. Check out KY's review on Soo Kee.

We paid RM12 for the meal. Oh yeah; simply delicious! BURPzz!

Next; Hasan's Rojak..mmmm sedap!! We ate this right after Soo Kee. I guess by now you'll figure out why we didn't lose any weight..ha! ha!

I told Mangkee about this kickass rojak. Hassan's rojak is parked outside the mini-market at Sea Park. Walking distance when you come back from Soo Kee. Around 30-40steps lah..Near right?

Its my first time asking permission to take pics. ha! ha! yeah normally I just pakai snap.

Me : Boss; saya ambik gambar ah! (Boss; I take pictures ah)
Boss: Ambik gambar untuk apa? (Why want to take pictures?)
Me : Saya mau kasi tau kawan saya you punya rojak sedap ooo..
(I want to tell my friends about your kickass rojak)
Boss: "_"

Mangkee ordered rojak with sotong. I love the fried coconut; its crunchy and good.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fatties last day in Bangkok

This is it; our last day in Bangkok. We woke up early for our breakfast then rest in our room, pack our stuff. Check out at 4pm. Head to the airport. Then check in our bags.

Inside the airport

The flight returning to KL was around 720pm. Hence we walked around the airport; oh boy its huge and lotsa things to see NOT BUY! lolz.. Then we head to Mango Tree for our dinner. Allow me to show you the pictures of our food...yummy right?

This trip was fruitful. I heart Bangkok and the guys heart Bangkok too! woohoo; we will return next year! Looking forward for Air Asia 0fare ticket! Oh yeah...

Fatties in Bangkok Day 3

This was our final shopping day at Bangkok.
We went to Chatuchak on Wednesday morning. Yeah; thanks to Precious Pea. She told me the plants market at Chatuchak open on weekday; hence me and the mens went there. Lots off nice plants and I brought some water lily seeds and some other plant seed. Already plant some of it; ehehe let's see if it bloom..Here are some of the pictures I took from the market.

Lovely aren't they?

Local fruits/food

The market is huge. We did walked into the store and lucky us; 1 of the store selling pets stuff was open. Apa lagi? Shop for my furkids; it took me approx 50mins. to get everything for my dogs. Its really cheap there. I brought 2 shirt; 3 collars; 2 toys and 1 leash for RM35. I'll travel on weekend next trip. Woohoo; then I can shop there for whole day. Mangkee & Senapang, please be ready by then. Lolz..

After hours looking at plants; the guys make noise that we should be going to Pratunam already. So we took a cab there. Pratunam is a wholesale market where you can get extremely cheap and nice clothes. The guys predicted I'm gonna walk for long at the market. But they were good; only complain but didn't stop me from walking from shop to shop. We head to Platinum Mall after Pratunam. More shoppings..this time round; I shop alone where the guys went to find a place to rest. Click on Senapang's blog for more review.....

Monday, May 05, 2008

Fatties in Bangkok Day 2

I'm free today; hence can review about our Day 2 in Bangkok.

I told the guys that they should prepare for a long walked for the 2nd day as we are going to lotsa malls. We had our breakfast at 630am; rest in the room cause the malls open at 10am.

Our 1st mall visit is MBK Center which is really close to the National Stadium BTS station. MBK is similar to our Sg.Wang except for the jeweleries (gold) shop. There's a few of them in the same floor. MBK is also where Sizzler. A western food restaurant serving pork; free flow of salad and bottomless soft drink. Price range is from THB300-THB400. THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS!


My main course - Spicy grilled chicken, pork sausage with baked potato

Mangkee's half rack of pork ribs

Senapang's grilled pork chop with bake potato


Total billed for the lunch = THB910.

After eating; we head to a shop where Senapang get his camaro toy car. Then we took Siam BTS and headed to Siam Square. This mall is also similar to Sg. Wang which means they have a lot of store selling bags; clothes and accessories. I would say things are not cheap here maybe its due to the rental. I brought a nice bag from Siam Square for THB420. I guess Mangkee & Senapang was really hoping I'll say let's go back to the hotel.

Too bad; next stop is Siam Paragon. It's just opposite Siam Square. Siam Paragon is a mall selling branded goods and the mall is classy. We rest at Mc'Cafe a classy version of Mc'Donald but aiyah selling same food also lah! Eh wait; they have cheesy fries. Mangkee wallop the whole thing! We planned to have MK steamboat for dinner but it's a lil pricey. So without wasting time; we took a taxi back to the hotel. The guys can finally rest FOR A WHILE! Oh yeah; Suan Lum Bazaar after dinner~

a classy signage of Siam Paragon
*ignore the model*

Bangkok aunty's kick ass noodle

This store is where we had the kick ass noodles and it's walking distance from the hotel. Well; at 1st I was really convinced that the food will be good. When the food arrived and I dig in~ pheeewiit~ it's nice and the noodles is different from those we have here. Portion is big and the price is reasonable. Apart from Thai food; they also serve western food. Oh yeah; they serve pork too. Thai chili flakes is HOT and kick ass; your mouth can turn into a sausage within few minutes~ Hmm; maybe Pizzahut & Dominos should try using it?

Hmmph; I shall allow the pictures make you drool ...

Phad Thai with pork

Extra spicy Flat noodles with pork

Beef noodle

Fatties Day 1 in Bangkok

Oh yeah; we arrived at LCCT approx 750am; had breakfast at Mc'D. Who are the WE? Mangkee; Senapang and meself. Our flight was 1020am and we reached Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok approx 12pm. The airport is huge.

wooohoo A320 flying high

Senapang & US

Finally, we've landed at the shopping land

Welcome to Woraburi Sukhumvit!
(pic. stolen from Senapang)

Woraburi is near NANA area. Which means its just walking distance to GoGo bars. Oh yeah; I see a lot of girls and pretty shemale there. As we walked to the Ploen Chit BTS; we passed by JW Marriot and Mc'D was just in front of us. Apa lagi? Makan lah! Samurai pork burger...

They said must take picture wor..

Oh yeah; Samurai burger
Mangkee telling you how tender & yummy it is

The 1st place we went was Ratchadapisek area; the place where we were got lost. We asked the people around to lead us to Robinson. The told us to go "straight straight". After a couple of KM; we reached Suthisan MRT station which is before Ratchadapisek. The 3 of us looked at each other and had a good laugh. Finally decided to ask the ticketing officer to lead us to Poseidon and Suan Lum Bazaar. Yes that is the exact place we wanted to go. Actually not WE but SENAPANG! ha! ha! He's been waiting for it since last year. So yeah; to reach Poseidon is to take MRT to Suthisan then walk "straight straight" for about 5minutes.

this is how we spent our 2hours at Suthisan area while we were waiting for Senapang

THB10 local ice-cream. This is GOOD!

Senapang came out around 630pm~then we took the MRT and stopped at Lumphini MRT Station. Oh yeah; Suan Lum Bazaar is at exit 3. Woohoo Shopping time. Actually we were quite smelly at this time liao but who cares. SHOP! SHOP! SHOP!

Suan Lum Bazaar is huge and it is advised to be there around 7pm else you won't finish walking the whole area. This is the place to test your bargaining skill too. The stores sell decorative items; accessories; shirts; bags; pet stuff and lots more.. Of cause like our Petaling Street; if you dont want to buy don't itchy ass go ask lah~ else you'll get fire ha! ha! We managed to get a cute lamp from this market. Won't be showing the pics. of what we brought lah~ cause I've finished distributing them...he! he! he! We took taxi back to the hotel for most nights as we carried lotsa things. Taxi fare is from THB90-THB150.

We rest a while in the hotel after coming back from Suan Lum. Then headed to Nana Entertainment Plaza; walking distance from our hotel. We went into 1 of the Gogo bar; and Senapang buy us drink. Coke THB130/glass. It was a great experience there; lotsa pretty girls only wearing sexy bra and t-back. Oh yeah; I see lotsa "ka cheng (butt)".

Wait for my next update ya~