Thursday, April 03, 2008

Our Registration of Marriage ("ROM")

2nd of April, 2008 was the day when Calvin & Tracy happily said
We thanked Tracy's Mama and Jason (Calvin's best man) for coming to witness our ROM.

Here's a lil story on our ROM. We reached Thean Hou temple around 8am (VERY EARLY) as our ROM time is 9.30am. So Mangkee, Me mama and Me went up for prayers before ROM; guess what? Once we came down to the office area; blackout~ lolz! There's 8 couples on that day itself. The first 3couples who is ahead us gotta wait for like 10minutes before TNB managed to bring back the lights. Yeah; everyone was sweating and we were laughing WHY LAH THIS HAPPEN ON OUR ROM~ akakaka.. And Mangkee busy rehearsing his line with Jason "SAYA SUMPAH SAYA MAU JADI LOU CHAN (I swear I want to join the trapped man club)"

Our numbers was being called both of us went to the counter for the officer to check our details; then yeah we went into the room. We need to signed the certs before swearing. Then raise our right hand up; the officer reads very fast and it was in Mandarin and we giggle when she reads. Then funniest part was when she ask if Mangkee agree to take me as wife (In Mandarin) Mangkee looked at Jason; I looked at Mangkee then laughed. Well then Mangkee took a wild guess and said I do~ lolz.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

MISIA~ It's Just Love

Current craze for MISIA (Japanese singer). This song is great....

Cheap Cheap Good Good Pan Mee!

This place was intro by Lee&Jen; they drove us there to try out this Pan Mee shop at Sri Kembangan - somewhere inside the housing area. The place was crowded and luckily they have a few cooks there.

Pan Mee was good and serving is BIG+CHEAP. I like the vege the put in the Pan Mee; not the "potato" leaf which is use in normal Pan Mee. Let's the a look at the pics shall we? Oh Oh..beside Pan Mee they also serve Japanese Udon.

My Foodie Goodie rate: 8.5/10

I think they cook 6-8 bowls in 1 shot...

Hot ah Hot

Nice? RM3.50 nia