Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sawadeekap..It's Rak Thai

Rak Thai is currently our fav. hang out place for dinner , located at Mid Valley. IT's located in between the walk from the Gardens to Mid Valley, before big Apple. Prices of the food are reasonable and the food is yummy-licious. Mangkee is currently crazy about the water chestnut dessert; he ate it everytime we had dinner there. Oh yes, you must try their TOM YAM soup..It's clear, less oil and super foodie goodie. Think now they are having promotion, if your order is RM12 and above, you'll get 1 glass of lemon grass water for FREE!

the place

salad & dessert bar

mY fooDie goOdiE rate: 9/10

Water chestnut dessert - RM4.90

Lemon grass water *FOC

TOM YAM MEEHOON WITH PRAWN (*extra spicy) -RM12.90

Monday, March 17, 2008

What have we done?

A few of my friends been asking how is the preparations for the big day. ha! ha! Lemme see; both parents met, name list done, invited "chi muis", ROM forms submitted,"Tai Kum Jie (Chaperon)" hired, make up artist hired, selected bridal shop for photoshoot; ordered wedding favour and yeah things for GDL - eh wait, need to check again when date is fixed.

Things I have not do; lose weight (no result
YET), ROM (which will be 2nd of April, 2008), choosing gowns for photoshoot (which will be 1st Saturday of April), haven't gotten our GDL date, have not packed our unused stuff, shop for bedroom stuff and more shopping. weehee...more shopping to do...Yippy Yay Yay! And I guess Mangkee will be singing "keep bleeding, keep keep bleeding" lolz! HE will sing this whenever I have shopping spree fever "_"

Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa

We were at Pavilion to engrave our rings; too bad the machine was not at the outlet. So Mangkee & I thought of doing some fun stuff. We decided to pop by and try on Kenko; as reviewed by Nicolekiss .

Oh mind, it was crowded but we managed to get a place to sit. Then we read about the fishes and OK let's do it. We paid RM38 for 30minutes for the fishes to bite off the dead skin on our feet. Feet only lah not whole body ya. Lolz! Apart from fish biting, they have Reflexology services; click on Nicolekiss for more info.

It was ticklish at 1st and Mangkee was laughing for more than 20minutes. He si-beh shiock lah..said must do often "_" I told him if the fishes KO after we left means his leg is very very poisonous ha! ha! ha!

the interior and fishy fishy..not baby fish ok~ its adult!

Mangkee: aaahhhh..don't bite my bulu off..just the skin..

"_" he was doing the funny face expression throughout the session
How can I not heart him? lolz