Monday, July 30, 2007


This write-up is dedicated to the class R hot chicks

Hmmph... decided to write something before I meet up with the girls..

I was a week late reporting myself to Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Perempuan Bt. Road (2). Why? Because my parents had a tough decision where to placed me. He! He! I ended up in a co-ed school opposite Stadium Negara. I was there for 1 day then my aunty finally got my registered to SRKP Bt. Road (2). I was placed in classroom 1R and the class teacher was Mrs. Lim. Lucky me as I'm in the same class with 20+ cheerful girls and now all grown up to be very successful and pretty. We were all in the same class until standard 6. Not forgetting the good and bad times we went through together.. e.g the nicknames we gave each other, the way we make joked of our teachers and how much we love them, the crushed we had on the male trainee teachers, the way we fought with the class B students, Hari Kanak-Kanak, birthday celebrations, Hari anugerah, teachers day, the chalk punishment, the days our fishes died, the days our favorite teacher retired, the trips we went together (I only joined a few) and the games we used to play everyday - Galah Panjang, Lompat Tali, Congkak...Add up: the ninja teacher who liked to whacked us with blackboard eraser, make us stand on the chair and lift our hands up for long.. all above are really precious moments we can't buy anywhere.. agree with me? Ladies, do let me know if you have anything to add on as this is our write up.. hugs...

Recently a few of us managed to contact each other and decided to come out for a gathering on 3rd August, 2007 at The Curve. Let's hope this is gonna be memorable gathering and of cause there's more to come in future... Geez, time really goes fast..blink blink..we're all 25 years old already.. I was 7 when we met.

Counting how many years are you?


SO peeps.. stay with me for the updates ya.. pictures will be loaded upon approval from the girls.. (",)

Friday, July 27, 2007

Mamamia...King Crab Restaurant

I've been longing to try the food at King Crab. Was there on my mom's birthday. Please remember to make reservation. I've seen lotsa people q-ing up for hour just to get in.

Picture time

I must admit their menu will makes you want everything...ha! ha! So my advise is, gather your friends (approx 10pax) so you'll get to try most of their dishes. Don't get me wrong, me not carnivore. Did orderED vege but they served me the wrong thing and didn't bother/too busy to get the right one for me!!!

Steamy hot Patin fish (dad's fav), Mom ordered 'kung po' chicken ting,
me butter crab

Total damage:- RM138+ inclusive of tax.

Photographer: The bulu-less Mangkee
King Crab is located at Sendiri go browse the details you want-lah! ha!ha!ha!

Here's my comment:
Customer service 6/10 eh wait deduct 1point coz they never bother to replace the wrong dish till I asked for the bill and biasa-lah cancelled and Malaysian version of sorry. MY foodie goodie rate: 8/10

Crabbing with me at Port Village Restaurant, Port Klang

Was dining in this restaurant on 14.07.2007. It was the 1st few seafood restaurant in Port Klang.

I'll let the pictures talk to you .... (",)

You want Food...We want Food
~~my rate for the food 5.5/10~~

One eye fishy fishy, marmite baby squids, 'kung po' eel

fried belacan kangkung, fried egg+oyster


Photographer:- The bulu-less Mangkee
Port Village is located at LMS A 12800, Tanjung Harapan, 42000 Pelabuhan Kelang, Selangor
Tel: 03-3176 4350

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dang.. I've been tagged by GUNMAN!!!

Alrighty..since I'm having a mix mood swing.. I'll play along with you moolah..

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00

Hey, moolah, it's RM OR USD? Oh well, I'll just take it as
RM. First, put in RM280K as Fixed Deposit. From there, I'll actually have some extra monies every month. Then, buy myself a house (take a loan). That probably will eat up RM600K together with the renovations. So balance RM120K like everyone else DO pay off debts (moolah, i know U don't have any yet), spend my family a nice holiday, charity to the poor & yes...enroll myself into a pet grooming course. Since you know am a dog lover, I'll have 1 DOBERMAN the dog I've been longing to have. Now cannot-lah, someone gonna chop my head off. If there's itsy bitsy balance, I'll start shopping like a mad cow. Nuff' say....SO tell me, what you gonna do if you have that amount of monies?

NoOne to tag so urm.. I'll be happy to hear from you, you and you..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

a.L are U?

...It's my 1st 3cents...

Well, as we all know accidents is a daily dosage on the road & then the peanut butter jam starts. Then we will starts to slow down & '8'- how many cars involve lah, serious or not lah, handsome/pretty or not lah (owner), car brand lah.. and jeng! Jeng! Jeng! I think most of us will look at the car plate number. Now, what the heck does this gotta do with us? Actually, ACCIDENT LOOKERS (a.L) are the peanut butter jam cause-er. Don’t y’all agree with me? SO we should start putting our shoes on and think, what if the accidents are serious and they are actually waiting for the ambulance/police to's slowing down the whole process..

No hard I said.. my 3cents..