Thursday, May 17, 2007

Phuket pics

alright alright.. I know it took me months to upload these pics..huahuahuahua... gonna be a long post.. have fun..


the market, the breakfast and the eaters... that's their kuey teow.. taste funny thou..

THAI MC'D .. sooper dooper yummy!!

supper...yummy licous noodles... and yes, that's a labrador, guess it belongs to the aunty..

lunch by the beach... so-so-lah..


the scenery, the beach, the poser (check out the ala titanic poser too) and sayonara phuket..
we will be back...

Dinner @ Momo, Centrepoint

Senapang been waiting for me to update these... enjoy.. ha! ha!

note: Momo only serves buffet during the weekend. Triple thumbs up for their cawan mushi

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

funny video

Okay, for those who understand Hokkien.. enjoy the it from you tube...