Friday, June 20, 2008

Our wedding pics~

Oh yeah; finally received some pictures from the bridal shop. I've been posting it in my friendster-facebook-wedding site & now it's time to post it here ..muahahaha... Enjoy viewing & please don't come to me if you need any EYE-MO~ lolz....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Updates~whats happening around me?!?

Oh hello.. it's been a while since I last bla bla here.. hehe~ let's see what have I been doing for the past few weeks.

We were invited by Deron to attend Harrison & Gladys wedding at Kluang. We both had fun and I was honoured to be the emcee for the dinner. 1st time doing it; my hands were shaking and I had cold feet too. 1st part of the speech was bad ; 2nd part was OK. hehe BUT I HAD FUN! wooohoo; thanks again Deron & Gladys for having us there. May the newly weds be bless with babies soon.

Then we head back to KL to have dinner with my mom-in-law :) It was dumpling festival.

After all the celebrations; we started to plan about packing our stuffs. IT was only done 3days before mom-in-law told us she manage to get a lorry to load our stuff.. lolz! ya 3 days before; coz we freaked out when we see so many things. How to pack? What to pack? Where to start? What needs to be throw? All these strike our minds man... Moving house its not a good game. We had nightmare moving from the apartment to PUJ (Puncak Jalil). And now from this PUJ to parents in-law house (Subang, SS14). Wah liao..sweat I telling you. Doggies also move 3times liao; I think they also have phobia liao.. We actually freaked everyone at Subang house cause we have so many things. From toiletries-kitchen-living hall-bed room- work stations. Basically move back 1 house things to another. SO peeps; we are officially living with my parents in-law :) Well; apart from saving traveling time we also save few hundred bucks for food. hahaha.. yeah home cook food from now onwards. It's unpack and arranging stuff time now.. Let's hope everything will be done by end of this week. Sweat.. Then will be busy for wedding stuff. We have approximately 3months before the actual date.. Stay tune for more updates.

Here we want to thanked my lovely mom-in-law for arranging the lorry for us, thanked Mangkee's 6th uncle for helping us, thanked Mangkee's 7th uncle&aunty for lending us the hilux AND big thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Lee for helping us out.