Friday, April 16, 2010

hey all!

hmmm..the blog is alive again ~ with more updates (i hope) hehe... Welcome back readers =) If you are still reading me...kekeke....Lemme do a brief updates on what happened after my last update!

Short recap for the passed 12months :-

June-Nov 09'-
before delivery is all about check-ups, browsing for warehouse sales

Nov 09'-
-admitted to hospital for 5D4N and end up delivering Travin via emergency C-Sec + epidural. My OB&G Dr Wong Sum Keong, the anesthetic & the nurses did a very good. They knew I was sad that I can't deliver Travin naturally and explained things to me in details. Calvin was busy & nervous in the ward. He was there to urmm.. see the baby out lah! Busy recording Travin while Dr. Wong cleaned me.

Nov 09' - Jan 10'
-my maternity leaves began and confinement food was all about ginger 20kg of them!
-still look like a giant elephant after given birth. HE HE HE

Dec 09' - Jan 10'
-we are blessed to have Travin with us during our birthdays
-felt phobia when i return to the hospital for my post-natal check-up
-back to work, missing Travin every single minute. But I go back to my parent's to see him everyday. Yeah, I only babysit him over the weekend.

Feb 10'
- My CNY was ruined due to some unexpected nonsense.
- No V'day this year

March 10'
- is all about time with Travin. I gotta admit he's a fast learner and a lil cheeky baby.

I realised baby really grow fast. He looked different as the months pass by. I'll never forget the moments of having him in my tummy (the kicking, the burping) and the intimate moment we had in the hospital.

more to come.....