Wednesday, December 31, 2008

So have you been notti/nice in year 2008?

Howdy Howdy.... so how you feeling on the last day of 2008? Happy? Sad? Drowsy? Party mood? Sexy? Horny? hahaha.. AND what have you done during the year of rat?

Lemme recap a lil' of what we've been doing in 2008:-

-Not much updating in this blog.

-Tried to eat less but failed..ha! ha!

-Been to many foodie-goodie places.

-Went to Bangkok with Senapang. Had fun eating, enjoyed the MRT ride, enjoyed being led straight-straight and also an eye-opening experience at the bars.

-Still swearing when I talked to some of my friends. e.g Freddie. Cannot talk normal..must add some @##%! and !)#@(!#$ when am chatting with him.

-Itchy butt, got ourselves into marriage plan. Planned for about 10-11months got married and now expired.

-Started baking butter cake and marble cake.

-Baked Almond crisp ..failure project! The cookie was thick ~ shall try again soon.

--Was invited by Deron to attend Sexy RedBabe wedding and Kluang. A memorable wedding and had a good experience being the emcee of the night.

-Itchy mouth argue with Mangkee then my ATM was eaten by the machine~ YES, it's like a curse, everytime after I sound him something stupid will happen to me. Who cares, I still wanna sound him! ha! ha! ha! Cannot blame me lah weh..after marriage, I tend to me more naggy~ no idea why. Perhaps you can tell me? :)

-Finally got the shoes I wanted at 30% off. Bought myself some nice clothes for new year.

-Changed my hairstyle.

-Attended weddings.

-Attended Christmas gathering.

-Mangkee started doing some small business.

-Addicted to Smallville at the moment. Ya, am slow.. Have yet to finish Season 3. :p

-Tried to shed some weight off for Cody but failed. He got fatter instead.

Guess, that's it of my lil' recap for 2008.

Not going anywhere for countdown ... hmm... maybe it's time to test some wine tonight!


To Fred: GO MAKE BABY! muahahaha....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

03/12.. Mangkee's 27th & Cody's 3rd

It's the time of the year where Mangkee and Cody celebrated their birthday together. This year we did at home (Subang) with Mom & Dad around. As usual, I gotta chuck out $$$ to buy 2 cakes.. Biasalah, I asked Mangkee the same question every year.. Eh, you want to share cake with Cody or not? I was hoping he will ... you know lah , my pocket burned very kau this month. Mana-tau he said NO! So ok lo... buy 2 cakes! ish...

Mangkee making his long-long birthday wish..tsktsk!

Ang pao from parents and cake cutting ceremony...cheh wah!

Oreo waiting for her share...


OK Cody's turn....He seems to know that day was his birthday ( I told him 1 day earlier). And as usual he's been waiting for his cake when he saw Mangkee's....

Bought this from RT Pastry House .. Nice right?
No.. He didn't get to eat the strawberry & Choc.. I ate them~ ahaha

Cody: Teddy, like I told everyone in Facebook..
I swear I'll ask Kakak to mandi everyday if you blow my cake
Teddy: OK OK! Fine!

Cody: Mom, why is my cake smaller each year?

Monday, December 01, 2008

Fried Mee Hoon -kosong-

Wooot? Snake can cook too? haha..yes! surprise surprise.. I've been playing masak-masak for quite sometimes and only have time to blog about it now.

Thanks mom for the recepi! So here's how we cook it~

1) 5-6 pcs of garlic;
2) 3-4 pcs shallot;
4) 1 packet of mee hoon;
5) 2 tbsp dark soy sauce;
6) 2-3 tbsp soy sauce;
7) 1 teaspoon salt (own tasting);
8) 1/2 cup of plain water OR 1/2 cup of chicken cube soup;
9) 1 egg.

Cooking method:

1) chopped garlic and shallot. (see picture no. 2)

2) soaked mee hoon for about 15mins. Put it on a plate/bowl when times up.

3) while waiting for the mee hoon, beat the egg add a pinch of salt and dash pepper.
Heat the wok and fried until golden brown; dig up and slice it.

3) heat your wok and put some oil to fried the chopped garlic and shallot until it is golden brown.

4) add in the dark soy sauce, soy sauce; salt and water/chicken cube soup.

5) Add in the mee hoon when the sauce and stir fried with high fire;
cover it for about 3minutes with low fire; add in the egg and stir fried for 2minutes.

6) Dig IN AND EAT! Of cause serve on a plate lah...not on the wok ok!

Picture 1: Peel off the garlic & shallot skin

Picture 2: Chop ah chop...

Picture 3: Soaked it up baby....

Picture 4: YUMMY! YUMMY!

Please note the above ingredients are based on my rough estimation. Try if you dare. muahaha! stay tune for my next cooking experiment...poor Mangkee!