Thursday, December 11, 2008

03/12.. Mangkee's 27th & Cody's 3rd

It's the time of the year where Mangkee and Cody celebrated their birthday together. This year we did at home (Subang) with Mom & Dad around. As usual, I gotta chuck out $$$ to buy 2 cakes.. Biasalah, I asked Mangkee the same question every year.. Eh, you want to share cake with Cody or not? I was hoping he will ... you know lah , my pocket burned very kau this month. Mana-tau he said NO! So ok lo... buy 2 cakes! ish...

Mangkee making his long-long birthday wish..tsktsk!

Ang pao from parents and cake cutting ceremony...cheh wah!

Oreo waiting for her share...


OK Cody's turn....He seems to know that day was his birthday ( I told him 1 day earlier). And as usual he's been waiting for his cake when he saw Mangkee's....

Bought this from RT Pastry House .. Nice right?
No.. He didn't get to eat the strawberry & Choc.. I ate them~ ahaha

Cody: Teddy, like I told everyone in Facebook..
I swear I'll ask Kakak to mandi everyday if you blow my cake
Teddy: OK OK! Fine!

Cody: Mom, why is my cake smaller each year?


Redbabe said...

happy birthday to mangkee worr.... 27th onli arrr... ish....

i said...

Happy belated birthday to Mangkee & Cody!

And a Merry Christmas too!