Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Me 50th bloggie...

Woohoo..Ya baby! It's the 50th entry already... Sorry ah; took so long to update because I'm busy co-ordinating a seminar.. =) he! he! 1st time mah..have lotsa thing to do and hopefully it will turn out good on the day itself..

Let me see.. I've got 2 things to blog... oh well; I guess food come 1st eh~ see Deron; me no diet ha! ha! ha! ha!

Mangkee & I was at Fasta Pasta, Ikano. The place is just opposite Starbucks. Mangkee ordered his all time fav. Carbonara and I ordered Beef balls Bolognese. Aiyah sure got side dish one.. Mushroom soup and Lasagna. Drinks he order entah-apa Mint and I ordered Mochachino.. hua! Hua! Come come let me show you the pics..

my foodie goodie rate: 7/10

Overall the food was good except for my spaghetti.. a lil over cooked... customer service was OK!


BURPZzzz... Well; the next thing is my garden + monsters... hua!hua!hua! And some birdie.. You see; there's empty land behind the place am staying. The owner didn't want to cement it for us.. SO due to the busy work schedule..instead of empty space we have tall grass! ha! ha! ha! Last week; when I open the window, I saw some birdie is actually eating the seeds. Sorry lah pics. are blur ... he! he! I think in geography they call it entah apa cycle.. Maybe; hammer girl can help us recall? thanks thanks...

these 5 pots was given from me mama... this is my *Fu Guai Fa* no flower yet..still baby ma

YTT; Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow..and that's it flower; it will last for 3days then KO turn white colour, smells like jasmine..not easy to take care-leh. When I 1st bought it..almost KO ha! ha! too dry then I went back to the nursery guy; the thought me how to take care of it.
Ya; also attracts grasshopper..

Aloe Vera + its anak...and this is my guppies pond..fishes are hiding underneath..

this is hati-hati.. and urm this is mangkee's *Bin Pak* not Xmax tree ah..

This is me monsters; from Back: Cody; Oreo & Hobbes..

Everyone, this is Harry; my neighbour’s 50% dog.. ha! Ha! Why I say that? Because he is outside most of the time. If he’s not outside then he’ll be in our house; sleeping..each time when I feed my dogs; he’ll bark for his portion too. Aii..this fella is smart but too bad lack of attention. Fast learner too; I thought him the basic skill Hand-Sit-Down-High Five. Nah; not gonna take him with us.. Someone will probably says HELLO; are we the Zoo-keeper? *winks*

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Welcome back to work!

How was your holidays?! Mine was good....Let's recapped what I did.. Saturday: bath the dogs; gardening; check on my guppies; house cleaning; food; went back to Calvin house celebrated Hari Raya with kakak and then went to visit a friend of mine at her work place. Sunday? Went back to moms ..drove her out to 1U with my aunt. AND I THOUGHT the mall gonna be empty as most of the people will go on holidays/back to hometown. I was wrong-lah; so many cars and it took me 20minutes to get a parking at B2. While I was busy parking my car; mangkee called "B; my car keys is with U". Then I parked aside and check; nothing wor! I have the habit of throwing things into my bag; dig dig dig...oops; Eh keys with me! HOW? ha! ha! You jalan balik your parents house? Lucky and Thanks to my sis..they were at home and her hubby sent him home! A BIG THANKS TO Lee.

As for the yesterday..went to pick mangkee and balik rumah. I've been complaining to him the backyard look like a jungle..the grass is as tall as him. What he do? Open the window; see see then laugh lah. My dad brought some diesel and I poured it on the grass. Hope it die lah! What else I did? Ya laze around and went out to shop for my shoes lor. End of holidays..sigh get back to work-lah..

This is what Mangkee did

Cody: Pa, all this monies to buy food for us ah? Woohoo..can get me some snacks not?
Mangkee: Cody, you dream on lah...Oreo; can you count?
Oreo: Counting Counting

Cody: Cover me with it for what lah? sien~

Oreo: Ohayo...Pa, I only need RM100 to stock in the eggs..
(ya; hard boil egg is her favorite)

And if you wonder where is Hobbes..he was busy vacuuming the floor =)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

So, apa macam? Bet you are counting days already. Holiday mood leh..muahaha..Yes; I've been counting since last week.. =p So what you gonna do for this long holiday? ME? I'll tell you when I come back on Tuesday =)

Have fun & Drive safe~

T0 senapang: HAPPY buy chicky-marinating & HAPPY BBQ-ing

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

this topic has no title

yoo party people,
sorry for MIA for sooooooo long,
being an ular king for more than half a year,working has finally catched up with me,sigh
so many on-going projects running parallel at the end of the year,so many deadlines to meet,so many security policies needed to be enforced,thats what my daily rants is about,and our central team DTC(data centre) personnel is no real help either,those buggers,
infomation technology is a-bout so many things to learn and yet so little time,

i.t books which are recommended to read about(have mangkee 4 star ratings and approved by Ular International Standards)
- Enemy at the watercooler
- Network Warrior

you can either buy the books or download it( *hint* i take no responbilities for the downloaded versions)
peace out.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mangkee ada complain!

This was our conversation while we're on the way to work today.

"uuuukkkk ukkkk akkk uuukkk akkk"
(imagine the real monkey talking) .
His actual complain is: Baby ah...This is the 1st time I'm driving you and usingKESAS wth this massive JAM!

WTf!?!? Blame me for what? The last I used this road to work was in Fred car. The jam was this bad also wut!

No-lah; the jam THEN was before toll only. NOW is jamming even after tolL..

So, what does this gotta do with me? You're saying I cause the jam!?
Now shaddap; Mix-FM Priscilla Patrick announcing traffic talk talk...and we heard a Lorry OVERTURNED at Sunway and this caused the jam! See; not me lah..It's the LORRY!

Mangkee: wakakakkaa..ya! ya!

So we make an U-turn after paying RM2.20 and YES pay another RM2.20 to avoid the jam. And guess what? After that I was waiving to the opposite cars and wanting to tell them to.. SMS your boss now!! ... Oh well; we ended up using the same road we use everyday ...

My pot in the office

This plant was brought in from a boss of mine. IT was in a plastic pot and died-ed looking when it 1st got here...see now, growing like macho-man already...muahahahha! Don't know whats the plant name ah!

Sunday, October 07, 2007


Slept around 3am and woke up 11am today. As usual; I went down to clean the dogs ; set them free while I watered my plants + checked on my guppies. I killed 9 out of 10...Mom scooped some for me again and hope they'll survive. nah nah nah..don't curse me ha! I have no idea why they died-ed...Geezz.. Didn't know gardening can be so interesting. You see; few weeks back 1 of my plant look awful ha! ha! I tot it died-ed..I changed the soil and it look OK and flower bloomed. Happy =) Will show you guys my pots soon ...

Hope you guys had a good weekend

Friday, October 05, 2007

YES things change!!! So what? IT's my life!!

Don't have a punching bag in the office; so have to write my anger here!!!
Well; friends known me as a talkative and easy going person. True; that I no longer hang out with them often like we used to but that doesn't mean I don't like them or I have problem. I'm more than happy that we can chat in msn everyday. Now that I have my own planning of cause I would have to save more $. Believe me, when you come to a stage on how much to spend on wedding, house, kids and their future! You will have lil time to enjoy. You can say I think too much; just it let flow & bla bla bla..I am not from a RICH family; I too have to think for my parents! Being the eldest in the family holding a SPM cert is not EASY!! Now tell me; after seeing what I list down; do you think I still dare to go out "yum sing" every weekend?!? Message me if you need to know more of my worries!!

A few close friends of mine also said I have changed! so now I'M FUCKING TELLING YOU GUYS; YES THINGS be it!! Thank you for inviting me for the outings and my apologies for not being able to attend!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

"Chan Bao"

Me boss came back from lunch with 8 "Chan Bao". 2 for each of us...sayang us leh! huahuahaua! At 1st I thought it's Luncheon Meat Bun but it's actually bigger version of Seremban "Siew Bao". But it's bun lah..Huahua..actually neh, I had my lunch already but tempted-lah (how to go THIN/SLIM/FIT you tell me lah) huahauahua....

Before the "Chan Bao" go inside my tummy... yummy! yummy!'s delicious. The texture is soft and the "inti" is just nice..sedap I telling you. Sorry ha..I don't know where he bought it. BURPZ!!! ooops...excuse me =)

Porkie noodles @ Restaurant Hong Cha lazy to cook yesterday so we ate Pork Noodles @ Hong Cha. This shop is located in Old Klang Road behind Steven Corner. They are close every Wednesday. Not ample parking though...especially when it comes to Thursday pasar malam.

Right; let's talk about Hong Cha. Apart from porkie noodles they served tom yam noodles; seafood noodles; porridge (err, it's not the watery type's like eating rice, am ok with it..not sure about you) and Japanese food too. I tried their Jap; not too bad. See the menu? Drooling? Pengsan? ha! ha! Well, if you're an intestine lover then you gonna enjoy your noodles very much. Senapang; you should try!

I normally order mine without the white sotong.. I don't like it in soup; if fry then 10plates also nebermind-ah! huahuahaua... Mangkee likes his noodles with minced pork only. Big one somoremore. I wonder why he can telan so many food when we eat outside. When I cook hor, 1 bowl of rice also full already. Eh; your man/woman act like this or not? Not I wanna complain lah but hor ridiculous leh! Does that mean my cooking sucks or not enough MSG? huahauahuaa. Anyway; his appetizer will be the "tao foo faa". It's not from the restaurant but from a mini-lorry.

My foodie goodie rate: 6/10

See the porkie noodles? Yummy leh..huahuahau.. actually I find it not so good compare to the the many times I ate. Maybe too much business that's why quality drop. Lucky portion still the same. Oh ya; we paid RM12 for noodles+2 drinks.

Monday, October 01, 2007

What do U think

Hari Raya is around the corner. Have you guys order any hampers yet? ha! ha! Kalau not yet, you can consider ordering from a friend of mine..This is the 2nd time I ordered from her. What I do is; I some ideas what to put in the hampers. You know lah.. nowadays people tend to put unknown food brand in the hamper and some will still wrap it "high-high". Know which type or not? neh..the based is plastic basket then build your own gunung-lah and use tape to wrap the food.

This year, I've chosen a theme for the hampers; it's called Traditional hamper. So whats in the hamper? There's chocs; kurma, serunding daging, dodol, raisins, davidoff coffee, sparkling juice and cookies. I like the way she make the hamper not much decorating and the basket is cool. It's worth the price RM275/basket... I love it!

Chicky rice @ Restaurant Sin Thin Wah

This shop is our regular place for breakfast. They open 8am daily and if am not mistaken they are close on Thursday.

It was very jam at Jalan Klang Lama; so mangkee asked if want to stop for breakfast. Then ok-loh! Lucky me~ I bring my camera along and snapped the foodie goodie for you guys =) Apart from roast chicken, they sell "char siew", "siew yoke" , intestines and roast duck~ their rice smells good and chicken is fresh too. intestines? Err..belum try before. Tasted their duck once er..not so good.. . Still prefer "4 ngan chai" =) Sin Thin Wah prices are reasonable.. we paid RM10.40 for chicken+"siew yoke" AND chicken+"char siew" PLUS a cup of chinese tea. Why I rate them 8/10? BECAUSE they open at 8am..ha! ha! ha and I can taste fresh chicken and the rice is yummy. Not sure about you, but I once eaten a chicken rice where there's a strange smell from the chicken. Tak boleh tahan-lah.. and they charged RM5.40 for a normal chicken rice!! For me..the important thing to judge in a chicken rice is the NASI also the fresh-ness of the chicken. If the chicken not fresh how to eat lah dude....

My foodie goodie rate: 8/10