Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mangkee ada complain!

This was our conversation while we're on the way to work today.

"uuuukkkk ukkkk akkk uuukkk akkk"
(imagine the real monkey talking) .
His actual complain is: Baby ah...This is the 1st time I'm driving you and usingKESAS wth this massive JAM!

WTf!?!? Blame me for what? The last I used this road to work was in Fred car. The jam was this bad also wut!

No-lah; the jam THEN was before toll only. NOW is jamming even after tolL..

So, what does this gotta do with me? You're saying I cause the jam!?
Now shaddap; Mix-FM Priscilla Patrick announcing traffic d..talk talk talk...and we heard a Lorry OVERTURNED at Sunway and this caused the jam! See; not me lah..It's the LORRY!

Mangkee: wakakakkaa..ya! ya!

So we make an U-turn after paying RM2.20 and YES pay another RM2.20 to avoid the jam. And guess what? After that I was waiving to the opposite cars and wanting to tell them to.. SMS your boss now!! ... Oh well; we ended up using the same road we use everyday ...

My pot in the office

This plant was brought in from a boss of mine. IT was in a plastic pot and died-ed looking when it 1st got here...see now, growing like macho-man already...muahahahha! Don't know whats the plant name ah!


Anonymous said...

The question remains. Why do we have so many tolls?

traCe said...

Because we have to pay and sing our heart out when we're stuck in the JAM everyday! So well yeah; we pay for the JAM!

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh Ai Seeeee...so yooou peopleah likeah to singah karaokelah during jameh?

Goodlah, nextee yeahah naik toll againee! Sodah you canah singah morelah! Goodah not?

traCe said...

Some will sing..some will yawnz..some will joke...increase some more? ALL Work from home?

Anonymous said...

Eat less buffet, take public transport to work, stay at home, don't watch DVD/cinema shows just watch national TV, don't use air conditioning, don't subscribe to Internet, don't go out at all.


traCe said...

Kalau Tukar Cara Hidup like what you mentioned? Then what is the point of we looking forward to Wawasan 2020?!

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