Wednesday, October 10, 2007

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yoo party people,
sorry for MIA for sooooooo long,
being an ular king for more than half a year,working has finally catched up with me,sigh
so many on-going projects running parallel at the end of the year,so many deadlines to meet,so many security policies needed to be enforced,thats what my daily rants is about,and our central team DTC(data centre) personnel is no real help either,those buggers,
infomation technology is a-bout so many things to learn and yet so little time,

i.t books which are recommended to read about(have mangkee 4 star ratings and approved by Ular International Standards)
- Enemy at the watercooler
- Network Warrior

you can either buy the books or download it( *hint* i take no responbilities for the downloaded versions)
peace out.

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