Thursday, September 04, 2008


Our Delivery of Bethrothal Gifts ("GDL") OR you may call it dowry day, was set on 03.09.2008.Both of us took 2 days off apart from the Merdeka public holidays to prepare the necessary. I went back to my parents house few days earlier to kick starts everything. Dad was the excited one when it comes to packing/wrapping. Don't play play OK~my papa has good skill. We prepared 3 baskets in total. 1st basket was done on 31.08.08.

Whats inside the basket?Jeng! Jeng! Jeng!

This is my lovely mom and dad..

1st basket
for health, longevity and forever love

2nd basket & 3rd basket was done 1 night before the GDL. Dad ordered 2 big "fatt gou" which means super big luck to both family and the newly weds. ha! ha! YES " 8 8 8 8 ". I'm lucky cause dad is not only good in wrapping but also good in buying stuff. See the fruits he bought? Very colourful. Mom on the other hand has a very good cooking skill. Yea, my cooking skill is still far behind hers. Hope to inherit her skill someday...Err.... when am not LAZY lah..ha! ha!ha!

2nd basket
filled with 10types of fruits which means
PERFECTO "10 chun 10 mei"

3rd basket
2 SUPER BIG FATT GOU for my husband to " 8 8 8 8 "
so I can relax at home soon..lolz
so see Mangkee face or not? will "8 8 8 8" soon..muahahahha

Before Mangkee reaches our place, dad went to take the roast pork from market and Mangkee carry it into the house when he reaches. The pork is HUGE! 65kg tau...But not as heavy as me lah. Aisheh.... Mangkee and his aunty reached our place approx 10am and bring along baskets containing lotsa goodies. After the prayer; we return some of the things from the baskets to Mangkee and dad cut the pork (middle part) and return the head and tail to Mangkee's side.

Food and baskets from the guy side...

Dad & I returning half of the things where Mangkee brings over

Special thanks to our families for preparing things for us and my Aunty Molly & Aunty Lucy for coming to celebrate the GDL. Burp! Roast pork skin is crunchy...... YA YA YA I know the wedding is near.. :P muakkSssss