Thursday, November 06, 2008

Just ranting...

This is what you call nothing better to do. I go dig Mangkee's friendster info then read what he typed. And realise he can actually be romantic. tengz..

The world's out there,waiting for me,thats why i wanna be as free as can be,i know that u been good and u've been sweet,so dont put up a fight,just let it be,well i hope one day while i'm missing you,and so will you,be thinking of me,then we can be together,to laugh about the past,but the love is still there,for you and me,property of tracy lee. [so now am a property or asset ha? kakaka]

I'm in love with a gal name tracy,

Loving her is a priceless

Offer that i can have,

Vividly her face is always on

Everything i see,missing

You can be so painful,my

Only hope is i can get to see

U tonight n be with me


"if you read only the caps,what do u get?*winks"
Calvin KH Yeow-2005/10-
All Rights Reserved by ME,ME,ME and ONLY ME! :P

3yrs ago when I read this.. heart beats faster and melt like M&M chocz.. now when I read back still feel the same but err can do a new 1 or not? lolz...

#*$)(@_)@! IF you ask me if he still this creative. The answer is NOLAH! ha! ha! Tengz now signed the paper liao meaning he gets what he wants dont need to be romantic-romantic liao.... So tell me, do you think there will be less sparks after marriage? Just ranting...