Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kin No Uma

Last Saturday, we were invited to join Senapang & Frank to check out Kin No Uma at Palace of the Golden Horses Hotel, Sri Kembangan. Its a Japanese restaurant serving buffet. WHY we choose to go? Ha! ha! Because there's a 40% off voucher.. So its about RM55/pax.

1st impression, waaaa so nice ah this hotel. Hello cannot blame me lah, its my 1st time to the hotel. Its beautiful..then we find our way to the restaurant. Called Senapang, he's sitting outside. OK lah no good, he made reservation few days before but his name was not in the list. Well who's fault is it? U tell me :)

This is where we eat. Nice?

Without wasting anytime Mangkee went to take food. I had a lot of tempura prawns cause its fresh and crunchy! YUMMY! I also tried out Sashimi for the 1st time, its good. The cooked food selection is not much and its not really tasty. Cannot grill own Yakitori :( The one they made was too cooked and dry. No shiock!

No, this is not Mangkee. This is Senapang muching his food

YUMMY Tempura! Not the oyster!

Fresh Shashimi & Oysters (picture stolen from Senapang)

Wait a minute... I haven't tell you about the drinks and dessert. Drinks selection not much, coffee so-so only. Dessert wise- lotsa delicious cakes and kuih-muih. Fresh cut fruits. I had a few kiwi. What else? You can make your own ABC (Ais Kacang) and scoop dozens of ice cream. BURPZzz!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Can You Keep A Secret?

Oh hey hi... hello.. Can You Keep A Secret?

Not sure if you fancy reading but I am *at times* ... I've just finished reading this book named Can You Keep A Secret written by Sophie Kinsella. Its about a girl name Emma who met a stranger name Jack Harper on the plane. And she told him everything about herself and the story goes on.. I love the story. Emma has a down-to-earth character although she might be "kan cheong" at times. She's lucky to have Lissy as her best friend and Jack Harper really melt my heart..ha! ha! ha! Cannot blame me OK; which girls doesn't like a guy shower her with her fav. things and arrange for a perfect date!

Monday, October 06, 2008

3 weeks after...

It's been 3 weeks after our wedding. Am happy to be in the Yeow family and certainly hope everything will be good. Errr...YES, you can call Tracy :p feels younger mah .. *blueks*

Everything seems to be back to normal now. hak! hak! hak! Normal means work-eat-sleep-work- lah. What else? Nothing to look forward for and the best part is we actually took approx. 1yr to prepare for the wedding and *blink* it only took 1 day to finish the entire celebration. lolz! Not that I want a long wedding lah hello.. penat tau, but its just *blink* and blank. Hmm, its time to think of something or plan for up with old buddies? baking? cooking? sewing? gardening?

OK back to the wedding. It was great and everybody had fun. Also felt guilty for not having enough time with families and friends. AND ALSO DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO MUNCH THE WEDDING DINNER! Dengz, I should have ask them to pack whatever is for me and Mangkee. Wasted! lolz... Just gotta look pretty and act innocent.. for those who know me for years haha! they know am not the innocent type especially when am wearing the gown!

Would like to thanked everyone for taking part and attending our wedding. Also thanks to my friends who bring us pretty gifts.