Monday, December 01, 2008

Fried Mee Hoon -kosong-

Wooot? Snake can cook too? haha..yes! surprise surprise.. I've been playing masak-masak for quite sometimes and only have time to blog about it now.

Thanks mom for the recepi! So here's how we cook it~

1) 5-6 pcs of garlic;
2) 3-4 pcs shallot;
4) 1 packet of mee hoon;
5) 2 tbsp dark soy sauce;
6) 2-3 tbsp soy sauce;
7) 1 teaspoon salt (own tasting);
8) 1/2 cup of plain water OR 1/2 cup of chicken cube soup;
9) 1 egg.

Cooking method:

1) chopped garlic and shallot. (see picture no. 2)

2) soaked mee hoon for about 15mins. Put it on a plate/bowl when times up.

3) while waiting for the mee hoon, beat the egg add a pinch of salt and dash pepper.
Heat the wok and fried until golden brown; dig up and slice it.

3) heat your wok and put some oil to fried the chopped garlic and shallot until it is golden brown.

4) add in the dark soy sauce, soy sauce; salt and water/chicken cube soup.

5) Add in the mee hoon when the sauce and stir fried with high fire;
cover it for about 3minutes with low fire; add in the egg and stir fried for 2minutes.

6) Dig IN AND EAT! Of cause serve on a plate lah...not on the wok ok!

Picture 1: Peel off the garlic & shallot skin

Picture 2: Chop ah chop...

Picture 3: Soaked it up baby....

Picture 4: YUMMY! YUMMY!

Please note the above ingredients are based on my rough estimation. Try if you dare. muahaha! stay tune for my next cooking experiment...poor Mangkee!


Moolah said...

I think it needs more eggs.

Is this Mangkee's birthday present?


traCe said...

U can add more eggs lah if you mau! haha.... next time I add 20 for u ok?

Nolah tengz..his present more teruk! LOLZ!

Moolah said...

Alamak, jangan mendera husband anda!

traCe said...

Ada meh? Si beh Sayang him liao! lolz! this year no super whipped cream cake tau! ish...

Moolah said...

You should bake a cheesecake!

traCe said...

err... not so soon lah! am still studying those cake ingredients

Redbabe said...

hmmm.... looks yummy eh! next time can tambah prawn ke..chicken ke... crabs ke...abalone ke....

traCe said...

eheheheh can tambah..cause i do it in the morning..cincai masak lor..hahahaha..

Anonymous said...

War, look nice, better than to me I am bak chi in cooking...muahaha, my hubby even wont dare to try mine one...aikshhhh


l love tis kind of meehoon, l normally eat it with sweet sauce.

Precious Pea said...

Serve with a plate of cili padi and soya sauce. Yumz yumz...throw in red bean soup as bonus too! Hahah!

traCe said...

Jez: hehe thank you thank just main main and experimenting hehe

Deron: You and Mangkee share the same taste..hehe sweet sauce is a must :)

Pea: hahaha.. must look at your recipe guide d... U cooked lotsa good food man...