Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dang.. I've been tagged by GUNMAN!!!

Alrighty..since I'm having a mix mood swing.. I'll play along with you moolah..

Proposition: If you Have $1,000,000.00

Hey, moolah, it's RM OR USD? Oh well, I'll just take it as
RM. First, put in RM280K as Fixed Deposit. From there, I'll actually have some extra monies every month. Then, buy myself a house (take a loan). That probably will eat up RM600K together with the renovations. So balance RM120K like everyone else DO pay off debts (moolah, i know U don't have any yet), spend my family a nice holiday, charity to the poor & yes...enroll myself into a pet grooming course. Since you know am a dog lover, I'll have 1 DOBERMAN the dog I've been longing to have. Now cannot-lah, someone gonna chop my head off. If there's itsy bitsy balance, I'll start shopping like a mad cow. Nuff' say....SO tell me, what you gonna do if you have that amount of monies?

NoOne to tag so urm.. I'll be happy to hear from you, you and you..


Moolah said...

Why everybody I tag also go and buy stuff wan ah?

Cannot put whole sum into FD meh?


traCe said...

Aiyah, must love sendiri a bit mah! Plus i don't think you're gonna runaways from the kick ass pc/ds lite games right? LOL!