Friday, July 27, 2007

Mamamia...King Crab Restaurant

I've been longing to try the food at King Crab. Was there on my mom's birthday. Please remember to make reservation. I've seen lotsa people q-ing up for hour just to get in.

Picture time

I must admit their menu will makes you want everything...ha! ha! So my advise is, gather your friends (approx 10pax) so you'll get to try most of their dishes. Don't get me wrong, me not carnivore. Did orderED vege but they served me the wrong thing and didn't bother/too busy to get the right one for me!!!

Steamy hot Patin fish (dad's fav), Mom ordered 'kung po' chicken ting,
me butter crab

Total damage:- RM138+ inclusive of tax.

Photographer: The bulu-less Mangkee
King Crab is located at Sendiri go browse the details you want-lah! ha!ha!ha!

Here's my comment:
Customer service 6/10 eh wait deduct 1point coz they never bother to replace the wrong dish till I asked for the bill and biasa-lah cancelled and Malaysian version of sorry. MY foodie goodie rate: 8/10


Anonymous said...

crrab looking good so tasty. pictures nice too. sluuurrp!

traCe said...

ha! ha! sure the photographer gonna jump when he reads your comment.. TQ for reading ya..hugs..