Friday, May 16, 2008

Breakfast at Sea Park

Mangkee was having good mood last weekend. So, he took me to Sea Park for breakfast. Senapang been asking me to review about Restaurant Soo Kee months ago.

So here it is.. Let me introduce you to the best ever Ipoh Hor Fun. Don't need to drive all the way to Ipoh now. hehe... This is my 4th visit here. It's packed during the weekend; not sure how's the crowd on weekdays.

my foodie goodie rate: 10/10
See the yummy noodles?
Mangkee had Ipoh Hor Fun with shredded chicken; mine was with prawn wantan.

Boiled Chrysanthemum tea

The soup is sweet. By sweet I mean they boil the soup with pork bones and prawn "skeleton". Thats what my mom told me lah if want to have tasty soup... Mangkee is a walking MSG tester. HE will gulp a lot of water if the food has heavy MSG. He didn't ask for more water; so I guess its -MSG. You should try their chicken too. Its good. Check out KY's review on Soo Kee.

We paid RM12 for the meal. Oh yeah; simply delicious! BURPzz!

Next; Hasan's Rojak..mmmm sedap!! We ate this right after Soo Kee. I guess by now you'll figure out why we didn't lose any weight..ha! ha!

I told Mangkee about this kickass rojak. Hassan's rojak is parked outside the mini-market at Sea Park. Walking distance when you come back from Soo Kee. Around 30-40steps lah..Near right?

Its my first time asking permission to take pics. ha! ha! yeah normally I just pakai snap.

Me : Boss; saya ambik gambar ah! (Boss; I take pictures ah)
Boss: Ambik gambar untuk apa? (Why want to take pictures?)
Me : Saya mau kasi tau kawan saya you punya rojak sedap ooo..
(I want to tell my friends about your kickass rojak)
Boss: "_"

Mangkee ordered rojak with sotong. I love the fried coconut; its crunchy and good.



next time l must go try la.....

Moolah said...

Wait, how come the font size is smaller than normal?

I agree that the rojak is kick ass!

Can give the one in Subang a run for it's money indeed.