Monday, May 05, 2008

Fatties in Bangkok Day 2

I'm free today; hence can review about our Day 2 in Bangkok.

I told the guys that they should prepare for a long walked for the 2nd day as we are going to lotsa malls. We had our breakfast at 630am; rest in the room cause the malls open at 10am.

Our 1st mall visit is MBK Center which is really close to the National Stadium BTS station. MBK is similar to our Sg.Wang except for the jeweleries (gold) shop. There's a few of them in the same floor. MBK is also where Sizzler. A western food restaurant serving pork; free flow of salad and bottomless soft drink. Price range is from THB300-THB400. THE FOOD IS DELICIOUS!


My main course - Spicy grilled chicken, pork sausage with baked potato

Mangkee's half rack of pork ribs

Senapang's grilled pork chop with bake potato


Total billed for the lunch = THB910.

After eating; we head to a shop where Senapang get his camaro toy car. Then we took Siam BTS and headed to Siam Square. This mall is also similar to Sg. Wang which means they have a lot of store selling bags; clothes and accessories. I would say things are not cheap here maybe its due to the rental. I brought a nice bag from Siam Square for THB420. I guess Mangkee & Senapang was really hoping I'll say let's go back to the hotel.

Too bad; next stop is Siam Paragon. It's just opposite Siam Square. Siam Paragon is a mall selling branded goods and the mall is classy. We rest at Mc'Cafe a classy version of Mc'Donald but aiyah selling same food also lah! Eh wait; they have cheesy fries. Mangkee wallop the whole thing! We planned to have MK steamboat for dinner but it's a lil pricey. So without wasting time; we took a taxi back to the hotel. The guys can finally rest FOR A WHILE! Oh yeah; Suan Lum Bazaar after dinner~

a classy signage of Siam Paragon
*ignore the model*

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Anonymous said...

hey trace
sizzler is the BEST! we have it here in aus and tell you - best food for good price.