Monday, May 12, 2008

Fatties in Bangkok Day 3

This was our final shopping day at Bangkok.
We went to Chatuchak on Wednesday morning. Yeah; thanks to Precious Pea. She told me the plants market at Chatuchak open on weekday; hence me and the mens went there. Lots off nice plants and I brought some water lily seeds and some other plant seed. Already plant some of it; ehehe let's see if it bloom..Here are some of the pictures I took from the market.

Lovely aren't they?

Local fruits/food

The market is huge. We did walked into the store and lucky us; 1 of the store selling pets stuff was open. Apa lagi? Shop for my furkids; it took me approx 50mins. to get everything for my dogs. Its really cheap there. I brought 2 shirt; 3 collars; 2 toys and 1 leash for RM35. I'll travel on weekend next trip. Woohoo; then I can shop there for whole day. Mangkee & Senapang, please be ready by then. Lolz..

After hours looking at plants; the guys make noise that we should be going to Pratunam already. So we took a cab there. Pratunam is a wholesale market where you can get extremely cheap and nice clothes. The guys predicted I'm gonna walk for long at the market. But they were good; only complain but didn't stop me from walking from shop to shop. We head to Platinum Mall after Pratunam. More shoppings..this time round; I shop alone where the guys went to find a place to rest. Click on Senapang's blog for more review.....


i said...

Went to Bangkok? How nice! Ooh the flowers are beautiful! Did you bring any home?

Precious Pea said...

Cool! I bought some lotus and water lily seeds as well as lots of flower bulbs too. BUt so far, no result. Do let me know if you have better luck ok?

traCe said...

Hie Hie...

Serendipity: Yeap the trip was awesome..hehe bought some seed home.

Precious Pea; Thanks for dropping by ya! =) YEah; I bought the seeds result yet..hehe..