Thursday, May 17, 2007

Phuket pics

alright alright.. I know it took me months to upload these pics..huahuahuahua... gonna be a long post.. have fun..


the market, the breakfast and the eaters... that's their kuey teow.. taste funny thou..

THAI MC'D .. sooper dooper yummy!!

supper...yummy licous noodles... and yes, that's a labrador, guess it belongs to the aunty..

lunch by the beach... so-so-lah..


the scenery, the beach, the poser (check out the ala titanic poser too) and sayonara phuket..
we will be back...


tHE Bulu-less Mangkee said...

why censor my nen nen pok lah??????

traCe said...

wahaha... why can't i censor that?

Moolah said...

Ini macam porn. Kisah seorang professional IT terlampau?

traCe said...

baru nampak your komen.. kisah apa? ha! ha! nanti budak below 18 read my blog how? :P