Tuesday, October 17, 2006

1 day trip to Ipoh *part 1*

Was in Ipoh for 1day trip together with Mangkee..He's there for working purpose and me..jeng!jeng! jeng..mesti-lah makan sepenuh hati~..ha!ha!ha! Ipoh's food is good and cheap.. tell me if's there any stall in KL/pJ selling *wan tan mee* for RM1.60/plate. I won't type much here..look at the pics~slurpz slurpz..

Wait..cannot go directly to the picture of food..must show the driver face 1st...

*ipoh here i come with a serious driver...pheww..finally reach tour guide house. And they both live happily ever after* (",)

the food are simply cheap and delicious

*mushroom ball*

*fried prawn roll & fu-kok* *this is superb siew mai we ate 10 plates~

*kai geok* after 2mins *kai guat* pstt..chili source is super *hou sik*

after 1hour or so, our order was around 31plates.Check bill pls.. RM67.00 only...not forgetting 5% gov tax lah..But it's still Cheap ahh!!


Anonymous said...

to the dimsum land,
i came,i saw,i conquer..

p/s:no wonder my tummy is still so fattening

traCe said...

haha~!your tummy memang fat since the day 1 lah...

Anonymous said...

it was fat since day 1,but on day 60,it went down,then more and more and more,then after that day180 it went bloated again :P

*sei oi min* muakakakakakakakaka

Anonymous said...

they came, they saw, they ate, they shit-ed :P

that's the story of the whole day in 1 sentence muakakakakaak

Moolah said...

Updates! We demand updates! :P

>_> <_<

traCe said...

fwed: blog's updated!!!!