Friday, December 01, 2006

dInNer @ ResTaurAnt ShabU-ShAbu @ PuChong

hmmph,friends been nagging that I didn't update my blog...Here's a new one..good food, good place and good shit...

The restaurant is located in Puchong. How to go there? Know where's Puchong Citibank? It's located at the front row of shops of Citibank.. And you will see Giant in front of you. If you can't find any parking, might as well park in Giant..

You'll get to see these nice artifical
sunflowers when you entered the restaurant. Then you gotta pay before you eat.. It's RM25/pax.. taadaa.. you will be served with chicken soup, special source (where you can mixed it in the soup) <--super delicious..see my soup? and they served nice Grape/Orange slush...chilling-refreshing...and burpz!!

Apart from the food they served at the Kaiten belt e.g golden mushroom, assorted balls, vege, tofu, prawn, noodles, *sui kao*, cube lamb, japanese octopuSsss, mussels (if you're lucky), you can request for some fried food and more slice pork... sorry folks, was busy eating didn't manage to snap much food..

cont. in page 2..


Moolah said...

Where is page 2?

Anonymous said...

O.o no page 2...:P wakakaka yup, food was quite good actually *burp* my tummy can speak for itself and confirm this heh.
Trace should update her blog more often instead of only updating it.1 mth once :p

traCe said...

page 2 is up...

Fwed: remind me to bring along my camera each time we go out for dinner!