Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Midori's Dessert & aftermath

The Dessert...

fuji snow... mixed all you want... nice ice cream too...slurps


Sean,whats your dad email add? lol.. Mangkee: boy this is a heavy dinner...

Panjang: Weh good food weh... Fwed: Thumbs up to Midori

i) Mr & Mrs. Lee..who ask you to take so much food,now share everything..later kena charge for wasting
"kangster" and his troup....

Panjang: Yo yo wazzup... Fwed: full till kepala senget

xmas is ard the corner, helped some poor kids... RM10 for each bear
*panjang said what she cannot see won't to his gf pls*

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