Friday, December 01, 2006

shAbu ShaBu part 2~candid shot

prwanies for the birthday boi @ Sean Tan ... 6 plates..3 prawns each...

6 plates of prawnies...and 1 eggie....boiling in the hot soup.... jen buzy peeling ofF the prawns

taadaa..we add 2 slices of raw fish..3 brocolli+egg and Sean is down..introducing the evil prankster heads, Mangkee (celebrating his birthday this Sat, may the force be with you), Fred , Nicole (just drop by for dinner) .. Sean face expression " mampus, High Collestrol and no chick for me tonight, Introducing Ms. Right and Ms. Left.. ha! ha! ha!"

Not forgetting Shabu's yummy *char yip tan*..with urm my oberweight model (low budget)..give face ahhh....

egg & wantan hmmm,taste like bak kut teh you want some?

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