Friday, December 28, 2007

What's up doc...Bunny for adoption

Helping a friend of mine to put up this cute Bunny for adoption.

A lil background of Bunny. She was given to my friend by the newspaper man. Was not taken care properly. After showering her with love and trust, Bunny finally begins to love the world and she's a very healthy & pretty Bunny now...

Current Name: Bunny
Gender: Female
Color: Black & white
Age: unsure
Business: Cage
Temperament: Bunny is quiet and will slowly attached to you if you're not gonna harm her. She doesn't like to be carry.
Food: Rabbit pellet, carrots, veges...

Looking for a loving home who can give her freedom after a long day in cage. Preferably those who have experience taking care of rabbit. Must love her a lot..Treat her as part of your family. You must not have any dogs/cats as it might hurt Bunny or Bunny might hurt them. Unless your pets are tame.

Interested? Please leave your email add in the comment box. I'll get the owner to tell you more about Bunny...



sori miss interpretion, tot u ask anyone born in the year of the adopt rabbit ar, dun think so la, but will look out for u

i said...

what's up doc! ooh a bunny. i love them. but don't think happy is that friendly to them or else i'd consider hehe