Friday, August 15, 2008

My trip to Perth, Australia

You see lah.. it's 11.10pm now, Mangkee already snoring. So I got nothing better to do..dig dig his pc and found some pictures I took at Perth. jeng! jeng! jeng!

I went to Perth with mom back in September, 2005. It was around spring time if am not mistaken. The weather was cooling and windy. CLEAN AIR! Love it! WOW! It's almost 3years since I've been there. Fast eh! And that was my 1st overseas trip. Me and mom had fun visiting relatives, eating the fresh seafood especially the prawns and shopping.

My uncle's fish pond

Fresh fruits/veges ..yummy!

Condensed milk. Err..don't think I see it here.

Free mantle area.

Tra Vinh~ A Vietnamese restaurant serving delicious duck noodles!

Koala from Whiteman's park

Haiii; I miss holidays~ Anyone want to sponsor me? ha! ha! ha!

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