Sunday, January 04, 2009

My yummylicious birthday ~

ahooo... Yes, me turned 27yrs old on 2/1/09 but celebration kicks off on 1/1 to 3/1! ahaha yeap yeap , means lotsa foodie goodie for me~ on the 1st of January, was a dinner with my parents and siblings at Restaurant Sai Kung, Kepong Baru. (no pics) The food was delicious and as I expected they started charging CNY pricing. We had "yee sang", steam fish, marmite pork ribs, asam fish, stir fried Hong Kong kai lan & roast chicken. Total billed was RM189 inclusive of rice and drinks. Head back to my parents home for cake cutting ceremony. cheh-wah, manyak grand macam..haha...Thanks to my dearest sis whom bought me a chocz. mud cake from Secret Recepi. BurpzZzzzzzz....

tick! tick! tick! 12am.. received the 1st birthday sms from Lai Yoong.

2/1/09/.. Thanks to YOU, YOU & YOU for the birthday wishes. YES, I worked on my birthday~ hello how to apply leave since it's the 1st working day of the year.. o off from office at 630pm. Picked MIL from home and headed to the SS15 (opposite SJMC).

While we walked to Rakuzen, this uncle of the next restaurant stopped us. He told us the chef of this restaurant is from Rakuzen as well as some of the staff. We were blur but the way he intro the place was interesting. So why not give it a try. haha... Oh yeah, I saw the guy at Rakuzen staring at the uncle ... what could he be saying? lolz... "shit, there goes my commission" OR "hoi, uncle mana boleh macam inih" ...lolz!

Was impressed with the restaurant.. Ooopss.. the name is Jyu Raku. Japanese Restaurant.. they have this leaflet introducing the place and free handroll until 31/1/09 [the stacks of leaflet are in front of the shop]. Its a 2 storey restaurant, we went upstairs. Have a choice of dining at their lovely Tatami or normal sitting. Behold are the slurpy pictures for your drooling purposes:-

my foodie goodie rate: 9.8/10

Sexy sake collections

FOC handroll..fresh and tasty!

FOC fish salad with vinegar

Yudoufu soup RM12.00
(this is tasty and oiless)

Sake Sanshoku RM35.00
(Mangkee said its very fresh)

Mangkee's Niku Udon with beef RM22.00
(lotsa UDON, fresh beef and vege)

My yummy-licious~Yakizakana Saba set RM28.00
(inclusive of rice, salad, miso soup and super smooth chawan mushi)

MIL had Unajyu set it comes with salad and miso soup RM33.00 (no pic). Total billed RM149.50 include 15% lor..biasa-lah! OH YES, I will return to Jyu Raku!

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