Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Tenji Buffet Restaurant

Senapang asked me to check out Precious Pea entry about Tenji. So I did ~ and make reservation for lunch on 3/1/09. We were there at 1230pm and the crowd is not as much as I expected. Ha! Ha! Maybe rainy days lah..people lazy to go out..

The entrance of the place is kinda cosy thou. 1st you find your name at the reservation list, checked and get your table number. The customer service will guide you to your place. We were seated at table number 99-100. Just right in front of the fondue and drinks bar. Hoorayyy....

From the outside..Love the garden feel!

Entrance to the foodie goodie place

Prepare to pig!!

Can deep as much as we can..yummy!

Sexy fruits & coconuts....


The food iselection is not much compare to Jagoya. But for its worth for what we paid for RM49.90++. The oyster were fresh. Shasimi? Tak tau..I'm not a fan of it! Dim sum was steamy hot, lobster salad yummy, tenpayaki so-so, seafood soup not bad, tempura could have done better, udon not hot enough, fondue foodie goodie, coconut rocks.

Apart from coconut and fruit juices, they served fruit tea, green tea and kopi. They have assorted dessert and kickass flavours of Haagen-Daz ice cream. I like to move it! move it! Burping full! Great place to hang out with friends~


Redbabe said...

i just got a sms from a friend asking me to check out

and coincidentally, you are doing a goodie foodie review on this outlet.lols...

looks yummy eh?

traCe said...

wakakaka.... worth going lah! the promo ending 15/ before you go :)