Thursday, August 30, 2007

Where U going on Merdeka Eve?

What you gonna do tonight? It’s a long weekend….

Friends been asking me "any plan for Merdeka Eve?".... Well frankly, during my teenage time I will be planning to go down town/somewhere to see fireworks. But that kinda spirit is no longer in me. Why? The parking rates is expensive (unless you park tepi jalan-lah), very crowded & freaking jam to go anywhere. Talk about jam, fug the road closure in KL starts 6pm today. Am sure everyone gonna get pissed..I hope you won’t get stuck in the jam. IF you are, Good Luck and Have Fun screaming in your car. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Oh well, I will be at home, grab some snacks and get ready to rumble with my DVDs collection. The next day, am gonna find my mama for breakfast and bring her out for the day.

I conclude my -3cents- with





i said...

What a sweet daughter you are, taking mommy out.

Think it's a good idea to stay in. Not worth adding to the statistic of traffic crawl and human crowd.

traCe said...

muahahha Serendipity, I hope can get up early ... you know lah holiday sure oink oink more...

Yeap yeap..good idea to stay in

Anonymous said...

Wah liao eh you stay at home and layan DVD saja?

Patriotic lah sikit!


so.....did u sleep late? you layan DVD or layan yr mum?

traCe said...

anonymous: i layan DVD on merdeka eve mah... Friday morning watched the Dataran Merdeka event on TV.

deron: hehe layan dvd, layan tv then only layan my mom..

Anonymous said...

Dim sum pics? Where?

traCe said...

Senapang; I forgot to bring my camera lah..wait lah, i will go again! kekekeke..