Friday, September 07, 2007

Coda my boy

This is my boy Coda... Ain't he cute? He is 3yrs 2months now... Initially, I wanted to bring him to stay with me when I moved out from my parents. BUT my sis wanted to keep him as a guard dog. Well, I gotta admit he's good in this. The moment he sense stranger ; he will bark as loud as he can. He's alert but sometimes might be false alarm lah. He don't like cats and 1 stray dog near my house. he! he!

Not sure where Coda learns how to tell us when he's hungry, but he just will. Yes, he's also greedy boy~he likes KFC~ I used to give him 1pc but not anymore. Now he will just come to us whenever we have food on our hand. He skip taking dog food for 1yr but thank god he changed his mind last year. Well..with one requirement, must have fresh milk in the food. Else he will sniff and walk off.

Coda has to keep his fur short too. Why? Because mama said so. Gotta let him know in advance before I botak him, else he will show face. See the pic? Don't know where he learn the mulut senget pose. ha! ha! But sometimes he will give signal that he's very hot and want to be botak-ed. Well that's all about my boy..


i said...

What a cute boy! Don't feed KFC, ended up become a fussypot LOL!

Is this the one you wanted to matchmake with Happy?

traCe said...

hehe fussy pot....funny name~

Not this one.. hehe thats Teddy~

hcfoo said...

Aiyo, so cute! But i still love schnauzer the most!

traCe said...

Schnauzer? hehe..they are lovely but mine a bit urm...sakai! =) ha! ha! ha!