Sunday, September 16, 2007

Restaurant Wong Soon Kee, SS14

IT was a rainy Sunday when we drove to Mangkee's house at SS14. We decided to pit stop at Restaurant Wong Soon Kee, SS14 to "tapao" our late lunch at Lim Fried Chicken. 1st time for me though.. OMG the Q si-beh long and it's only selling Fried Chick, Nasi Lemak and Curry Chee Cheong Fun. Mangkee gave up Q-ing up but I told him I'll Q instead. As am Q-ing up for the food, I "kay poh-ly" snapped some pics to update in the blog. HuaaWaaa.. I telling you ah.. people behind me must have thought something wrong with me. Anyway, enjoy the pics. Err..forgot to ask about their biz operation day but they starts to sell during lunch hour. Besides Lim Fried Chicken, there's Wan Tan Mee, Beef noodles, Char Kuey Teow, Yee Mee & Pan Mee. According to SS14 resident, Mr. Mangkee "Pan Mee not so nice, Yee Mee ok-lah, Char Kuey Teow ok-ok, Lim Fried Chicken, Wan Tan Mee (see told you guys oredi, he sure said this one da bomb, favourite mah hahaha) & Beef noodles da bomb"

My foodie goodie rate: 8/10
(I think their Nasi Lemak could be better if they add in coconut milk-
Actually theirs is just white rice..)

Mangkee's lunch~~Lim Fried Chicken Nasi Lemak


i said...

Which part of SS14? Yesterday evening watched the program "Ho Chak". They went to Klang for this person's fried chicken and another pan mee shop. The pan mee is not machined but hand pulled. Looks interesting.

traCe said...

You know where is Yu Kee BKT located in? Klang? huahuaha....let's see if we can find Ho Chak's webbie

Moolah said...


traCe said...

yes..moolah's blog kickfurs...lolz

Moolah said...

Kick fur or kick arse?

Anonymous said...

It is at SS14/1A at Subang Jaya. You can have a look at the map at