Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hokkien Mee anyone?!

My nephew always tell us "wa si Hokkien kia; wa ai chiak Hokkien Mee" -
which mean I'm a Hokkien boy, I want to eat Hokkien Mee.

Oh anyway, we've passed by this 'tai chau' -Damansara Hokkien Mee Restaurant few times and finally decided to give it a try . haha layman term; woi a lot of people eating must be good. This place is located in Damansara Utama few rows away from the Sate Kajang we had previously. Customer service was good. Once your butt touch the stool, they'll come together with their menu and food come quite fast (not sure if their service is this fast when it's crowded). Prices ok-lah; RM5 / person. Apart from noodles; they have some side dishes like vege, fried food and ya a stall selling roasted duck. Didn't try it cause only mangkee and I ate..Hokkien Mee was acceptable but they should have put in more vege, Cantonese 'Yin Yong' - mee hoon over fried hence was "hard" ; tasted OK and 'Loh Mee' - I didn't order less mee, was more like vege soup; not the best 'Loh Mee' I ever had thou..

My Foodie Goodie Rate: 5.5/10

the signboard .... ...........the signature fresh Sambal

the noodles


Moolah said...

When the signboard says Damansara Hokkien Mee, you should know they are only famous for Hokkien Mee.

And the fried rice is good.

traCe said...

inih mesti a fan of this place =p

Fried rice? Will try next time..

Moolah said...

It was recommended by Andrew actually. Standards might have dropped though.


wow, look sedap, but also look so oilly, is it oilly?

traCe said...

ha! ha! yes Deron it's pretty oily~

i said...

Hokkien mee? Haven't have that in ages! Is it really good? I always pass by that place but never hop in to try.

Serena said...

Did u see a restaurant that serves porridge steamboat? Theres one in Damansara I think