Sunday, November 04, 2007

It was an early Saturday..

Mangkee actually planned to go swimming on Saturday but we couldn't find the club locker keys hence we did something else.

We went out around 930am with the Lees' and Sarah. 1st stopped; Jalan Imbi .. Ah Weng Hailam Tea. They are located inside Imbi market itself. We've been there for breakfast since 4yrs ago and I guess this place is abt 35yrs old? Hailam Tea, toast bread (kaya+butter) and half-boil egg are the favourite orders. Thou it's a typical Chinese breakfast but believe me.. lotsa youngster eat there nowadays. It is pack almost everyday and guess what? When Ah Weng (the boss) decide to close for business he will close it for a least 4days. Oh ya, they also have a branch in Great Eastern Mall.
My Foodie Goodie rate: 9/10
the signboard...... the man in orange shirt is Ah Weng..

the famous Hailam Tea

the toast and eggs

Mangkee: Apa not? LolzZzzz

Ok; apart from Ah Weng Hailam Tea there other food stalls around ; Pork noodles & Pork porridge, Wan Tan Mee; Curry Mee; the crispy popiah (they have few branches in the Mall) ; 'Chee Cheong Fun' ; Nasi Lemak and the rest is for you to find out =) hahahaha

My Foodie Goodie rate: 8/10
Fried intestine porridge and fried intestine 'lai fun'

After breakfast; we went to Pavillion..

the entrance.....the ladies...

Mangkee happily posting with his fav. dish ..poster only lah! Kedai not yet open ~ kakaaka
(pssst..see his eyes or not?)

As for lunch... we ate economy rice at Sg. Wang pics were taken =)



this is my favourite, l love bread and half boil egg, Tracy n Mangkee can bring me next time l visit KL?

traCe said...

Deron; of cause we can bring you there =) When is yr next trip to kl?


soon..... soon......

Serena said...

Me want the half-boiled egg.... T_T

traCe said...

Deron: will wait will wait... =)

Hammer girl: Come we meet there one sunday?