Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Proud to be a new PPP postie

Hello ladies and gentlemen, aunties and uncles, brothers and sisters, bosses and employees .... I am proud to announce that I am a new PPP Postie. So some of you might think why I choose PPP? Well, the main reason I sign up for PPP is because its a money making choo-choo train site and it will help in Travin's junior future fund. Don't you think so? *winks* me laughing cheekily on the other side of the bed*

Almost every bloggers talk about PPP in their blog. PPP stands for PayPerPost not paperpost nor toilet roll ya! It's obvious that they are paying bloggers like us to blog about the advertisement inside. Come-come very easy to be a postie of PPP, just sign up yourself payperpost

At first, the bulu-less (furless) mangkee ( monkey) thought that this PPP stuff is not really a good idea,it is like reading the FHM magazine ( if you know what i meant *wink*), but as time go on and countless reminders and cuci otak ( brain washing), he finally gave in * woohoo, yes to PayPerPost * God knows how many stick of sates I need to bribe him for doing this together!

So boys and girls, strap yourself tight for the list of joy rides of adverts to support abit on Travin's junior foundation.

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