Monday, November 12, 2007


Sawadee-ka & Sawadee-kap (hope I get it right) =D
Nong & Jimmy Thai Seafood BBQ,

where we had our dinner on Saturday night. I came to know about this place from masak-masak

Finally we were there thanks to the Lees for going & directing us there..

My Foodie Goodie rate: 8.5/10
the "yau char kwai" it's fresh and hot but the taste can be better
the kaya kick ass!

Fried rice, tom yam soup (if you love spicy & sour then you're gonna love this soup)
& bbq lala...the chili sause is super dooper good!

their popular bbQ seafood but here's the pics
the lining up crabs; waiting to be BBQ and squids...tempting?! slurps slurps

BBQ sting ray anyone? -
ermm.; it tasted different from the ikan bakar we normally telan. This one has more spices and it's tasty...

my aftermath - sshhhh; don't tell anyone I eat so little ha!

Overall food is good; customer service is good; and environment is only for eating ha! ha! ha! Can tell they are packed on weekends!

For direction (map) and more review ... click at another blog that I read KY's blog

Oopps; forgot to tell you we paid RM75 for the meal.


Moolah said...

Nice review prices?

traCe said...

hahaha...I always forgot abt the price~


wow, espensive hor, and may l ask wat's the meaning of "kick ass"

Serena said...

Wow, wow. Looks yummy.

traCe said...

Deron: Yeap pricey but it's good to give a try. Kick ass means super yummy~ I guess ha ha ha

Hammer girl: yeap; go give it a try

Serena said...

U call me hammer girl so u have to belanja me ahahhaha... Just thought of a brilliant idea (not so brilliant for u), mayb shud bring all d furkids along to enjoy the meal belanja-ed by... *tan tan tanda*

.... Tracy!!!!

i said...

Luckily I've just had my lunch! Sure looks yummy! Hmm...Thai food is expensive. Don't know why. Not that they use a lot of expensive spices, do they?

traCe said...

huahua hammer girl; i belanja the kids makan sponge cake can or not? cannot bring fur kids there..pets are not allowed leh!

Irene: really have no idea leh.. the nasi goreng for 3 person is abt rm12 if am not mistaken... but got prawns lah!

Moolah said...

It's not lala. It's seehum. :P

Moolah said...

It's actually seehum @ cockles, not lala!

*double post*

traCe said...

huahaua..baru noticed! thanks moolah! yes it's seehum..hummmm...hummm...humming away =p

i said...

prawns or shrimps? hate it when they serve with those tiny shrimps!

Moolah said...

Prawns are expensive mmmkay?

traCe said...

Irene its prawn waakaka..but not much lah~

moolah yes it is when u buying me dinner?

KY said...

I think price wise this place is still not too bad. I haven't been there for ages though.. should plan a trip there soon.

Moolah said...

I will buy you dinner when I win the lottery. Minimum RM1mil winnings.

traCe said...

Hie ky; thanks for dropping by. I'll try out Chatterbox soon.. the pork makes me drool... ha! ha! ha!

traCe said...

Moolah: pls buy KTM every week; the winning chances are higher! *ROLF* else I wait till hair grey also belum see you!

Moolah said...

Oh no need to wait until your hair turns grey. There are a couple of things you can do to assist!

1. Wish more often that I win the lottery, preferably RM10mil.

2. Spend me dinner.

3. Introduce a nice, single, hot, sexy, long legged, big chested, small waist girl.

Easy ain't it?