Friday, November 23, 2007

Tagged I am!

Tagged I am!

From who? From Potato; Cheese and Fries lor...kidding! kidding! ha! ha! ha! Hammer girl and IreneC tagged me.

So how we do it? Simple... click on their blog-copy-paste! ka!ka! ka!

Me; myself and aku:-

1) Me loves to eat
2) Myself loves to sleep
3) Aku lazy to exercise, that's why I'm fat
4) Me loves traveling
5) Myself love grooming my dogs not myself
6) Aku cinta Saya! wakakakakaka

Cody: I love food!
Oreo: I love to irritate mom on weekend!
Hobbes: Mom = food face!
Cody: I love kai-kai, but I walk like model! (overweight-mah)
Oreo: I love the dresses Aunty Deron sew.
Hobbes: I will love you when you have food!
Cody: I hate it when mom groom me like a shemale dog!
Oreo: I like my messy hair!
Hobbes: Please don't groom me unless you have food!
ALL: MA; you're the best.. woof! woof! woof!

moolah You've been tagged!



that was really nice Tagline, l still can't think of any yet

traCe said...

hehehe thanks deron...

i said...

Great job! Hehe Oreo sounds like Happy. She likes her hair to be messy too!

traCe said...

waahahah yalah after combing her ..she sure do the messy dance~ pengsan~

Serena said...

Nice job!